July 18, 2013
Mentor a Georgia Tech Student

Most of us have benefitted from the advice from a mentor whether it’s about your career or life in general. As young alumni I hope you sign up to be a part of Georgia Tech Alumni Association’s program. You’ve made it through a rigorous academic career and have started your next phase in life, learning lessons along the way. This is an opportunity to be matched with a GT student and build a mentor relationship sharing the lessons that helped you be successful.

Even though life may get busy, this is a way to give back to the future GT alumni, and can be done from any corner of the globe. I hope you sign up to be matched today!

Along with Mentor Jackets, check out your local GT Network to meet incoming Tech students and give them your best first-year advice. See the Network websites for specific dates and times.

Lizzie Serafine Donnelly, INTA 08
Young Alumni Council, President
Tech Grad Lands a True "Dream Job" with Disney
Persistence truly pays off. For Michael Costner, ISyE 12, that payoff came in the form of a job with the Walt Disney Company, with whom he had applied for an internship every spring and summer semester as an undergrad...

The Mentor Jackets program is recruiting alumni mentors and student mentees for the 2013-2014 cycle of the best mentoring program on Georgia Tech's campus! Alumni from all over the United States and all over the globe are invited to participate in this award winning program.

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