June 19, 2013
Welcome new graduates!

Congratulations to our newest members of the Georgia Tech alumni community! As the President of the Young Alumni Council, I get the privilege to welcome you into the world of being an alumnus/alumna of Georgia Tech. It is a well-deserved honor, and I hope each of you get involved somehow with the Alumni Association.

As you venture out to the world beyond the "Tech bubble", there are a variety of ways to stay connected, such as network events in your area , affinity groups , and keeping your to get the latest news from campus. There are groups for just about every interest and geographic location, so explore and find the ones for you. It is wonderful to find new GT friends and contacts that you may have never known during undergrad; your Georgia Tech family can always expand and grow.

As always, please reach out to the Young Alumni Council if have any questions about getting involved!

Lizzie Serafine Donnelly, INTA 08
Young Alumni Council, President
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Alumni Admissions Forum

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