July 25, 2012
The Arts Are Alive in Alumni
Shan Pesaru, CmpE 05
Young Alumni Council, President

During my time at Tech, I remember discovering something interesting: it seems like every student has a unique and amazing talent. For many, their talent is a big part of their life long before they step onto campus. Their talent helps define who they are and who they hope to become.

This month, we’re excited to feature two young alumni that stand out in ways that are unexpected for engineering graduates. Read about Rolan Duvvury , CE 10, Arch 10, whose musical talent has led him to create award winning musical compositions (he's an eight-time winner, no less). Andrew Saulters , AE 05, decided engineering wasn’t quite right for him and now pursues his real passion: poetry (he's now a published poet).

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Recent Tech Graduate Becomes Modern-Day Renaissance Man
Many Georgia Tech graduates have gone on to become highly successful in more areas than just their chosen careers. One recent alumnus has combined his love for music with his career in the world of engineering to create an unusual yet fulfilling compilation of interests...
Tech Alum Changes Course to Pursue His True Passions
Some people have a solid idea of their career goals from an early age. Others go through college without a clue as to where they want to take their lives afterwards. Regardless, when you graduate from college, you’ll often come across studies that indicate the surprisingly low percentage of people who directly use their specific degrees in their career...
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What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever seen during your travels?
Maria Cleveland, IA 10
While studying in Madrid, Spain, we saw a clown in full costume walk by our dorm each day... "
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