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The Das Media Group is a boutique digital strategy consulting company with a specialized focus on content and social strategy for emerging and established brands in leveraging authentic content and social engagement to build meaningful relationships and grow a company’s bottom line.

Q&A with Founder and CEO, Shinjini Das , IE 14

What inspired you to start your company?
SD: There is an imminent disconnect between brands keen to reach audiences via authentic, socially conscious, organic means, and the reality of marketing via digital media today, which is very hard sales driven, in that small businesses and established corporations are so keen to market their products via a constant stream of ads which often do not engage consumers with extreme personalization. I envision my boutique digital strategy consulting company as driving incredibly authentic 1:1 conversations with audiences and penetrating the core brand essence into the social consciousness to develop genuine and meaningful relationships with consumers globally.

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered during the process of becoming a newly minted CEO in the media industry?
SD: Media and entertainment is an incredibly cutthroat industry with constant and 24/7 fluctuations, so this line demands extreme adaptability, a voracious appetite to learn new concepts, as well as an obsessive focus on analyzing both present and emerging global trends to forecast the projected state of the society. It is widely regarded as one of the most difficult industries in the world, but I am thrilled to leverage my Georgia Tech Industrial Engineering degree, business acumen, a killer work ethic (thank you Georgia Tech!), and an immense desire to write one of the greatest stories ever written!

With a rapidly changing country, what is your advice to women of all ages on persevering and staying focused on goals and dreams?
SD: Focus on building tangible substance in your life via higher education, intellect, concrete skills, passions, hobbies, and more. The more a young girl focuses on substantial activities and on becoming a producer not a consumer, e.g. writing articles instead of just reading them, coding games instead of just playing them, building websites instead of surfing the web, the more her intellect, self-confidence, and inner worth flourish as she becomes a woman. A young girl with vision becomes a woman with ambition, passion, poise, and unbreakable self-confidence who changes the world.

What are goals you have for your company in the next 3 years?
SD: Scale into an operational boutique digital strategy consulting company with still a specialized focus on leveraging social and content strategy for small businesses, emerging as well as established brands, to drive authentic meaningful 1:1 conversations with consumers globally and grow a company’s long-term bottom line.

What advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs who are trying to build their brand?
SD: Build a solid niche in an area which is ripe for disruption, meaning that focus on solving a tangible problem in an industry poised for high scale growth over the years in the future, because you want to be joining an industry whose prospects are growing not shrinking. Mesh your personal brand with your business because as an entrepreneur, you are inevitably the face of your business, and your business is an extension of your personality, so ensure to always represent both brands with class!


Industry Biotech Consulting

Dr. Andrea Para, Founder Employees: 1 - 10 GT Alumni: 1

Medivici LLC is a medical device consulting firm, offering R&D; expertise and venture due diligence. Medivici's mission is to enable the development and entry of innovative and intelligently designed medical devices.

Guardian Caps

Industry Sporting Goods & Material Sciences

, Employees: 7 GT Alumni: 5

Guardian Caps is one arm of three very successful companies: The Hanson Group, Guardian Innovations, and Aragon Elastomers. The Guardian Cap utilizes exterior padding to improve the engineering structure of the existing helmet.

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Industry Transportation Logistics

Mark Gurevich, IE 12, Head of Business Development Employees: 22 GT Alumni: 5

LoadSmart is a tech-enabled freight brokerage making truckload shipping seamless, efficient and socially responsible. We provide instant online quoting and booking of truckload services, and we leverage machine learning and AI to perfectly assign shipments to relevant trucking companies. The net effect is to reduce the waste, deadhead, excess fuel consumption, and carbon emissions of this $700 billion industry.

Message Near

Industry Information Technology

Evan Schneider, IE 12, Founder and CEO Employees: 2 GT Alumni: 2

Message Near is a bootstrapped startup run by Georgia Tech alumni in San Francisco. The company aims to help everyday people effortlessly share their lives with the right friends, at exactly the right time. The company is building cutting-edge technology that enables content creators to target different subsets of friends and followers based on factors like location and interests. Message Near, available for free on the Apple App Store, is a fun and easy way to share your life with friends based on their real-life location. Simply capture a moment, set a delivery location, and select potential recipients for your message. Near automatically delivers your messages to the right friends! Message Near for iOS features opt-in location sharing, a completely private way to share. Without any message delivery statuses, Near keeps your location completely private unless you make an active choice to respond to a message sent to you by a friend.

Flow MedTech

Industry Medical Devices

Christine Hang, BME 13, Co-Founder & COO Employees: 1-10 GT Alumni: 2

Flow MedTech, Inc. is a Health Wildcatters portfolio company developing an innovative therapy to reduce the chance of strokes in patients with atrial fibrillation by preventing clot formation in the left atrial appendage. The aim of the company is to design, develop, and commercialize novel catheter-based devices to reduce stroke risk.

Axiom Staffing Group

Industry Staffing and Recruiting

Patrick Donovan, Director of Sales and Operations Employees: 70 GT Alumni: 1

Axiom is a single source solution to simplifying your staffing and recruiting needs. We are a company that understands your requirements, responds quickly, and produces quality. By allowing us to partner with your company, you will be able to focus on business objectives, not hiring needs.

Stibo Systems

Industry Computer Software- Master Data Management

Russ Simpson, VP, Talent Management & HR Employees: 500+ GT Alumni: 15+

At Stibo Systems, we look for people who combine a passion for technology with an ability to work in a team environment. We believe in attracting and maintaining talent by offering competitive salaries and benefits.

Gas South

Industry Energy

Joseph Rehanek, Operations Manager Employees: 51-200 GT Alumni: 16

One of the Southeast's leading natural gas providers with approximately 280,000 residential, business and governmental customers in Georgia and Florida.

GDS Associates, Inc.

Industry Energy Consulting

Mike McKenzie, Project Manager Employees: 175+ GT Alumni: 31

GDS is a multi-service consulting and engineering firm formed by three Georgia Tech alumni in 1986 and now employs a staff of more than 175 in seven locations across the U.S.

Axis Group, LLC

Industry Consulting - Technical/Technology

Scott Reedy, V.P. of Business Intelligence & Information Management Employees: 51-250 GT Alumni: 8

Founded in 1996, Axis has delivered thousands of business data analytic solutions to satisfied customers at Global 1000 and mid-market organizations. What makes Axis stand out from other firms is that we excel at putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. Axis recognizes that people, processes, and technology must all fit together to deliver a successful solution.

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Riskonnect, Inc.

Industry Technology

Bob Morrell, CEO & Co-Founder Employees: 168 GT Alumni: 7

Riskonnect, Inc. is the provider of a premier, enterprise-class technology platform for the risk management industry. As an independent innovator in risk management technology, Riskonnect develops and markets a growing suite of technology solutions on a world-class cloud computing model, helping clients elevate their risk management programs, safety solutions and programs for management of risks across the enterprise.

FAI Materials Testing Laboratory, Inc.

Industry Laboratory Testing Services

Jon M. Crate, President and Chief Technical Officer Employees: 1-50 GT Alumni: 5

FAI incorporated was founded in 1999 by Jon M. Crate, who graduated with a Bachelors in Chemistry from the University of Central Florida and a Masters in Polymers from the Materials Science and Engineering Department of Georgia Tech. FAI conducts independent testing programs for manufacturers in every sector of the economy including, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Consumer Products, Construction, Packaging, Textiles, Military, and Agricultural.


Industry Consulting

Austin Hope, Talent Consulting Analyst Employees: 500+ GT Alumni: 6

Mercer is a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement, and investments. Mercer helps clients around the world advance the health, wealth, and performance of their most vital asset – their people.


Industry Consulting - Technical/Technology

Michael Flanigan, Co-founder Employees: 1-50 GT Alumni: 1

Founders M. Cole and GT Alum, Michael Flanigan, met in November of 2012 and after several encounters had the unique idea to help corporations act more like startups and help startups get connected to corporations which in turn developed into what covello is today.


Industry Other

Stanley Vergilis, Co-Founder Employees: 1-50 GT Alumni: 2

Started by GT Alum (Mechanical Engineering) Stenley Vergilis, Hux is a service that connects entrepreneurial independant cleaners with customers who are able to search, read reviews, book, and pay for a local cleaner in two minutes flat. Its marketplace empowers local service providers to work independently and earn a comfortable wage.

Maryland Air National Guard

Industry Military

Ryan Buckalew, Engineer Employees: 251-1000 GT Alumni: 1

Maryland Air National Guard is a military organization with a mission to provide air combat forces and theater airlift aircraft to America's Unified Combatant Commands.

Pierre Construction Group

Industry Construction

Collins Westcott, Vice President Employees: 1-50 GT Alumni: 3

Pierre Construction Group, Inc. was established in 1989 primarily serving the metro Atlanta area. In 1990, the company expanded its services into the Southeast through major hospitality projects in Florida, North and South Carolina and Alabama. In 2000, Pierre Construction Group’s focus shifted away from residential construction and has now moved exclusively to commercial construction and architectural metals. While the majority of PCG’s work is in the metropolitan Atlanta-area, they now list most states on the East Coast within the geographic territory and serve as far west as Texas. PCG leadership team includes alumni from Georgia Tech.

Pindrop Security

Industry Risk Management

Brigitte Murad, Sales Employees: 1-50 GT Alumni: 10

Pindrop Security has a strong connection to Georgia Tech. Located in Tech Square and part of the Georgia Tech Venture Lab, Pindrop recruits heavily from Georgia Tech. In fact, the Co-Founder, CEO & CTO, Vijay Balasubramaniyan, earned a PHD in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. His PhD thesis was on telecommunications which is what ultimately spawned Pindrop Security.

Applied Global Technologies

Industry Telecommunications

Mark Cray, CEO Employees: 54 GT Alumni: 13

AGT’s roots date back to the early 1990s, when two research engineers from Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) saw an opportunity to apply software and engineering to solve real-world problems. Their passion for innovation, combined with their entrepreneurial spirits, brought about the inception of the company. Today, AGT helps businesses, government entities and educational institutions with every aspect of their collaborative environment, from audio visual design and integration, to managed services and cloud video conferencing.


Industry Information Technology

Amir Shahheidari, Business Development Manager Employees: 1 - 50 GT Alumni: 1

EvoSwitch is a company that offers colocation services and IT infrastructure solutions for organizations that require a secure and scalable IT environment.

Triage Consulting Group

Industry Consulting

Stephen Steinmann, Senior Associate Employees: 251 - 1000 GT Alumni: 16

Triage Consulting Group is a San Francisco-based healthcare financial consulting firm with an Atlanta office that specializes in addressing the financial needs of health care providers in today's dynamic healthcare industry.

Nead Werx

Industry Engineering - Computer

Suzanne Hayes, Director of Operations Employees: 20+ GT Alumni: 14

Founded in 1999, Nead Werx is a full-service custom software development firm specializing in rapid development of modern and efficient web and mobile applications.

Insight Sourcing Group

Industry Management Consulting

Lindsay Bryant, Director Employees: 45 GT Alumni: 19

Insight Sourcing Group (ISG) is a boutique management consulting firm based in Atlanta. Since its inception in 2002, the company has averaged a 74% annual growth rate. ISG has a strong team culture and maintains a smart travel model (considerably less than most management consulting firms), which allows employees to stay active in the Atlanta area. Further, they have become an employer of choice for several top graduates from Georgia Tech with Business and Engineering degrees.

Geosyntec Consultants

Industry Engineering - Environmental

Lokesh Padhye, Senior Staff Engineer Employees: More than 200 GT Alumni: 20

Geosyntec is a specialized consulting and engineering firm that works with private and public sector clients to address new ventures and complex problems involving the environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure. Geosyntec connects with talented students at Georgia Tech and career fairs held at the institute and other social events such as those held by the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.


Industry Entrepeneurship

John Saddington, Co-Founder Employees: 10 - 30 GT Alumni: 2

We are a high-tech, bootstrapped company that has built a successful and growing startup based on open source technology! We love to have incredible amounts of fun and we're vocal in the web design and development space on our unique perspective of online publishing platforms!

Booz Allen Hamilton

Industry Consulting - Technical/Technology

Christina Minderman, Senior Consultant Employees: N/A GT Alumni: N/A

Hundreds of former yellow jackets have gone from Tech to working at Booz Allen, an international strategy and technology consulting company. This is a long standing relationship that has been fostered through the years via classroom partnerships.

Highgroove Studios

Industry Engineering - Software

Charles Brian Quinn, President and Developer Employees: 10 - 30 GT Alumni: 10

Highgroove Studios is a team of Ruby and Ruby on Rails experts dedicated to rapidly developing, deploying and scaling web applications for big companies and soon-to-be-big companies. Whether we are building large-scale applications from scratch or launching venture-funded killer startups, we love using Ruby on Rails.


Industry Entrepeneurship

Yuri Eliezer, CEO, Patent Attorney Employees: 1-50 GT Alumni: 3

SmartUp is a company that allows any business or individual with a patentable idea to quickly and affordably secure patent rights. SmartUp aims to provide its users with the solutions to secure their intellectual property in the most cost-effective way possible.